Saturday, 18 August 2012

Trust no one over 30

It is known that the Southern European countries face an unemployment problem. It is known that youth unemployment has reached 50% in some countries. What is also known is that politicians and other policymakers seem not to do anything about this. In an excellent article in Der Spiegel this situation is outlined. What is not offered in the article is a remedy.

To be honest, I cannot think of a better remedy than removing all existing politicians and policymakers over 50 and replacing them with people under 30. This is of course impossible under the current circumstances. Old heads would never understand what they are doing wrong and would never quit. The problems that come with aging are denial, the inability to believe that you are wrong and someone else is right until the moment it all blows on your face and the inability to understand and accept something new.

The main problems in Europe originate from the old heads: young people are more idealistic, much less racist, have more knowledge, refuse to enter to political games of power, require more access to information, more transparency and less corruption. On the other hand old heads accept these issues (no information, no transparency, corruption, political games, racism) as unavoidable and "the way the world is". They are unwilling to do anything to change the current situation as they believe that anything they do will be futile. Monetary returns are far more important than anything else.

Youths do not share these problems: they are eager to act, do not usually fall victims of pessimism and past views, understand the power of people, do not usually follow their family's voting tradition as they think for themselves and are less prone to corruption. They lack in experience, true, however what they lack in experience they more than make it with action. I would prefer a person with no experience doing things, than a person with experience doing nothing.

Most EU governments are elected by the votes of the persons over 50. Most youths are indifferent to elections. The reason is more than obvious: When a politician in his late 60's states his campaign issues, he/she usually avoids addressing the issue of the youth. Even when one does address it, give me one rational person in his 20's, be it late or early, who would believe that a person 40 years his senior would understand how he feels.

The solution would be political parties by youth for the youth. We need more parties like the Pirate Party (which actually originated in Sweden not Germany). Power should be given to the youth and not to the old. We have seen what the old can do. Basically, divide Europe and cause economic distress. Now, lets see what the young can do.

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