Monday, 30 July 2012

Conspiracy Theories and the Eurozone

I do not like conspiracy theories. To be really honest I hate them. I believe that conspiracy theorists are those kinds of people who do not want to take responsibility for their actions (or their government’s actions) and think that this is all part of a massive hidden elaborate plan devised by -insert nation here- to control/take over their homeland’s economy/natural resources or whatever. Thus, anything they will do will be futile; all they can do is blame the one "responsible" for this as they sit around and do nothing. This kind of thinking I truly, honestly hate. 
However, lately I have been thinking about one. I am not proud to say it but I have. It all started when I began thinking about what they could do instead of the large haircut on Greek debt last year. If that haircut had not taken place the only country that would have been in direct danger from Greece would have been Cyprus, due to the explosive growth of its banks there. And even Cyprus wouldn't have been so worried then. Read more here.
What I have been thinking was this: Let's assume that policymakers in Eurozone are not stupid. Let's assume that what they have been doing has some rational reason hidden behind it. What were the consequences of their actions and who would benefit from that?
The first direct consequence would have been the fall of the value of the Euro. The following graph indicates this trend for the EUR/USD pair. (Graph was made by Yahoo!Finance)
As one may observe the value of the Euro versus that of the US dollar has declined dramatically of the past year and a half. Thus, it would mean that European products are now cheaper than they were 1.5years ago. Thus, more exports. This can be seen by the following graph (made by
As we can see exports began to rise after February 2010 and continue to rise to this day. (An examination of most EU countries individually would confirm this but to be honest I am bored to upload and comment on 20 graphs! I am sure you would be bored to read one article like that too.)
Thus the only conclusion we may draw was that the EU policymakers are deliberately keeping the EUR/any other currency rate down so as to export more. Any good news about the Euro economy would have as a result an increase in the rate and thus decrease exports. Thus the conspiracy theory would be that policymakers want to flood the world with EU goods (or maybe just German goods for obvious reasons. Wolfgang are you there?) and make us rich by large trading surplus; however not now but in a few years. It's a merchants world after all!

Or, they just make bad decisions. What do you think?

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